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Sundance Renewable Solutions has installed Texas A&M University's first solar energy system. The $200,000 project has been primarily sponsored by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Texas State Energy Conservation Office.

The project started two years ago when athletics department officials began talking about how they could better utilize the space on top of their buildings. Several people had heard about different technologies that could help generate electricity and lower the congestion to the grid while helping the institution become more fiscally responsible.

Here are some pictures from the Texas A&M install:

The system has been installed on the roof of the Netum Steed Physiology Research and Conditioning Laboratory, which is visible from Kyle Field. This was strategically placed to give the installation maximum exposure during Aggie football games. The solar panels can generate up to 30 kilowatts of electricity for the campus and will be used to educate the public on solar energy, as well as to test for performance and energy harvesting capacity. Further, the solar panels can supply power for emergency exits, ventilation, and other necessary functions during a blackout.

Sundance Installs solar panels for A&M UniversityEvery care has been taken by Sundance Renewable Solutions to ensure that Texas A&M is getting a solar power system that will stand the test of time. The solar panels have been designed to withstand all types of inclement weather, including hurricane strength winds and hail. Also, the architecture firm that built the Netum Steed Lab was consulted to make sure that the structure could support the system. The panels were installed with a balance system that utilizes concrete blocks to hold the panels down so that no holes would have to be drilled into the roof, thereby preventing the possibility of water leaking into the building.

Although the system will only produce a small portion of the total amount of the electricity that the university consumes, the solar panels represent a bold step forward by Texas A&M toward a sustainable and fiscally sound future.

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